Friday, October 31, 2008

I've been wondering about this...

I have been doing some research on my own to figure out just what the agenda is for the homosexual community to indoctrinate our kids and force their way of life on society at large. I know there is an agenda because I have been calling the Governator's office multiple times to voice my opinions about various bills that have come across his desk. One of these was the bill to force all public schools to celebrate Harvey Milk Day, in commemoration of the man who started homosexual education activism. The bill called for this day to be run similarly to Martin Luther King Day. Thank goodness, Ahnold vetoed it!
A friend and fellow activist emailed this link to me, and I found it VERY INTERESTING. Same-sex attraction activists will deny that there is an agenda, but if you live in CA, you can clearly see that there is. This document points that out with chilling realism. Not only is Prop. 8 a California battle, but it will be a national battle before you know it.
Check it out.

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