Friday, October 31, 2008

I've been wondering about this...

I have been doing some research on my own to figure out just what the agenda is for the homosexual community to indoctrinate our kids and force their way of life on society at large. I know there is an agenda because I have been calling the Governator's office multiple times to voice my opinions about various bills that have come across his desk. One of these was the bill to force all public schools to celebrate Harvey Milk Day, in commemoration of the man who started homosexual education activism. The bill called for this day to be run similarly to Martin Luther King Day. Thank goodness, Ahnold vetoed it!
A friend and fellow activist emailed this link to me, and I found it VERY INTERESTING. Same-sex attraction activists will deny that there is an agenda, but if you live in CA, you can clearly see that there is. This document points that out with chilling realism. Not only is Prop. 8 a California battle, but it will be a national battle before you know it.
Check it out.

Coming Out Day for Kindergartners in Hayward, CA

This was part of a letter for parents of Kindergartners who participated in Coming Out Day in Hayward CA. Prop. 8 opponents would have us believe that there is no current law that addresses the teaching of same-sex attraction in schools. This is documented proof that they are lying!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I just voted YES on Prop. 8!

And Yes on Prop. 4 (parental notification for abortions - can't believe that is actually up for vote!), and, oh yeah! Yes on Sarah Palin (you go, girl! ;D),and Tony Strickland.
Via Absentee Ballots, my hubby and I sat down and exercised our right to vote tonight. They make those Absentee Ballots kind of difficult, but I read the instruction card 3 times. Since you have to use a blue or black ball-point pen, and we could only find one in the house (I like those gel pens), we shared a pen and had a together moment...awww. We didn't even argue about anything this time! (In the past, we have cancelled out each other's votes, or in one desperate act of rebellion, I actually hid his ballot from him, and then filled it out myself. We were disagreeing on a local measure regarding land development. It took awhile, but he forgave me!) The most important thing, besides making sure to connect the right arrows, is to sign on the back of the envelope. They won't count it if it isn't signed. Then I put way too much postage on it, and tomorrow I will take it to the post office. Simple as that! It feels so great to vote!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What same-sex marriage has done in Massachusetts

Thought you might want to take a look at this, written by a Massachusetts resident.
(Sorry, you'll have to copy and paste in your url window - I can't get it to imbed properly)

This made me sick to my stomach.

Prop. 8 HAS to pass! I know it has been a long battle so far, and is only getting more difficult due to the opposition stepping up their efforts, but we can't give up yet! Now is the time to get out in your neighborhoods and knock doors. I did this over the weekend and had some really great discussions with people in our neighborhood. There are undecided voters out there that we need to reach, and only by knocking on their doors, will we get uninterrupted access. Plus, it is just fun to meet new people - I have been so pleasantly surprised at the number of quiet supporters we have out there!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Response to latest No on 8 Ads

The latest No on 8 ads accuse the Yes on 8 campaign of bald-face lies regarding our children and their indoctrination in CA public schools. They even claim that the message is supported by "California Teachers". They say that our claims of parents losing their right to opt out of homosexual education is a "scare tactic". Well, how do they respond to this?

California School Holds 'Gay Day' for Kindergartners

Parents in Hayward, Calif., were shocked to learn their children were being taught to be "allies" of homosexuals, WorldNetDaily reported.

Faith Ringgold School of Art and Science reportedly did not inform parents of its pro-homosexual activities, which included "Coming Out Day," "Ally Week" and Gay and Lesbian History Month.

Pacific Justice Institute attorneys, who are advising the parents, said the school also is planning to host TransAction Gender-Bender Read-Aloud, an event where students will hear adapted tales such as Jane and the Beanstalk.

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, said this demonstrates why Californians need to vote "Yes" on Proposition 8, which would define marriage as between one man and one woman.
"Do we need further proof that gay activists will target children as early as possible?" he asked. "Opponents of traditional marriage keep telling us that Prop. 8. has nothing to do with education. In reality, they want to push the gay lifestyle on kindergarteners.

Yes, folks, this is a public school. No, parents were NOT informed of these special homosexual events in their kids Kindergarten classes. I feel some lawsuits coming on!

This is NOT a scare tactic. The indoctrination process is already happening. Parents, reclaim your rights! Vote yes on 8, and let your school administrators know how you feel about this!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Over the past few months, as I have really put myself OUT THERE in defense of traditional marriage and Christian morals, I have been astounded at the amount of maliciousness, hatred, and evil that is directed not only at me personally, but all of Christian conservatives in general. My efforts have always been to educate people about what Prop. 8 really means: NOT an elimination of civil rights for same-sex couples, but simply a final word on the definition of the word "marriage". (see earlier blogs)
When commenting on YouTube videos, my words are always returned with irate ranting, accusations of lies, bigotry and hatred, f-bombs right and left, and personal attacks on my religion and way of life. When commenting on Prop. 8-related articles in major online newspapers, same type of response. When waving Prop. 8 signs on street corners, well, that's when it gets really fun! Hand gestures, more f-bombs, and although I haven't personally been a target of any projectiles, other sign wavers I know have been on the receiving end of rotten eggs, and water bottles.
But one takes the cake.
They somehow got hold of the list of Mormons who donated to the Yes on 8 Campaign, and are now using it to investigate every name on the list. Well, I'm on that list, along with my hometown, zip code, donation amount, and membership status in the LDS Church. Later, in a comment to the post giving instructions on how to do this, one blogger said, "Do anything within legal limits to make these people's lives hell. Probably should leave their kids alone, but get in their faces, in any way you can!"
Why am I not surprised?
Talk about HYPOCRITES!!! For all their talk about love, peace, and tolerance, the opposition has shown their true colors. They are more about hatred, violence and poison than any group I have come up against to date.
My response? BRING IT ON!!! I have nothing to hide, I have faith, and I am not alone.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CTA Protest Cancelled

It is with disappointment that I inform all my fellow protesters that, due to instructions from our higher-ups, tomorrow's protest is officially cancelled. We don't want to punish local teachers and school districts for the actions of the Union leaders with whom they do not necessarily agree. However, please do encourage your children's teachers and school administrators to communicate to the Union your strong opposition to this misuse of Union dues. More to follow...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't underestimate the Housewives!

This is in response to an insulting comment on one of my posts on a particular blog (you know who you are), which said, and I quote: "It makes me ill that a bunch of housewives are sitting around in their homes planning attacks on the civil rights of other human beings."

Let me tell you a little something about housewives. We are the women who went to college and got an education, but chose to stay at home and nurture our kids - to provide that gold-standard upbringing for children. Our children are cared for by people who actually love them, yes, you guessed it, housewives. We are the women who volunteer in the classroom. We are the women who organize huge fundraisers for schools, scout troops, and youth groups. We serve in the PTA. We drive our kids to sporting events, music lessons, playdates. We are the women who are there when our kids get hurt or just need to talk. Our priority is the future. Our goal is to make America and the world better by raising children who are well-adjusted, good citizens, who will stand with courage for all that is good. "The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world". We know this, and accept the challenge readily.

Don't underestimate housewives. When the future of our children is in trouble, then you watch those claws really come out! You think you insulted me by calling me a housewife. Let me tell you, there is no other group of women on earth that I would rather band together with. We are the ones going door to door, gathering support for our causes. We are the ones standing on street corners, waving signs at passing cars. The women registering people to vote? That's us, the housewives. Our votes count just as much as anyone else's does. And we are changing the world one child (or in my case, 4) at a time!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Worried about Parent's Rights in the schools?

Tuesday, Oct. 21, Protesters are staging a sick-out for public school students. This is a STATEWIDE protest that will hit where it hurts, the money that each school receives per student, per day. Let's go, parents!

Whose Side are Teachers Unions on? Follow the money, folks. This is the scariest part about this campaign!

Yesterday's campaign finance report from the No on Proposition 8 campaign is startling.
The California Teacher's Association donated $1 million to the campaign. This is in addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars already pumped in to the campaign by the CTA in the last few months.

Opponents of Proposition 8 claim that it's all lies when we warn that your children will be indoctrinated about same-sex marriage and homosexuality. They claim that you'll be able to opt your child out of class when same-sex marriage is taught or discussed. But we know that the judiciary is actively promoting the homosexual agenda by their overturning Proposition 22 this year. And case law shows that parents are losing their rights as well.

Wake up, parents. If you are concerned about what your child will be indoctrinated with at school, you have to vote against the "supposed un-biased teacher's union", and vote FOR Proposition 8!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why I support Proposition 8:

1) In 2000, 61% of voters in CA voted for an amendment to be passed that defined marriage as being between one man and one woman. Earlier this year, 4 liberal judges overturned the voice of the people because they interpreted that amendment to be unconstitutional. I don't like the voice of the people being overturned and marginalized like that.
2) In 2005, the California Domestic Partnership Law provided all the same rights that traditional married couples have. These rights include:
• Creating and dissolving registered domestic partnerships
• Community property and financial obligations
• Parental rights and responsibilities
• Public benefits
• Health care and end of life issues
(BTW, I got this information off of a gay/lesbian website)
Prop. 8 does not change ANY of these rights. It merely prevents same-sex couples from calling themselves "married". Same-sex couples are different from heterosexual couples in very obvious ways. They can and should have a different title for their relationships than the traditional word "married".
3) There are far-reaching effects of this definition change. Education is the biggest concern for my family. I reserve the right to teach MY children about moral issues MY way. This definition change will not only allow, it will FORCE public educators to teach all children about same-sex relationships, without the restraint of parental consent. I don't want my children to learn about this from people who don't understand our family's morals and beliefs. That kind of education infringes on my rights as a parent.

I do not hate people with same-sex attraction. I recognize them as a very active part of our society. I do not wish to destroy their rights. Prop. 8 DOES NOT take any rights away. It simply preserves the traditional definition of marriage as between man and woman. It allows parents to address the education of their children on this basic issue. It protects the traditional family.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Prop. 8 Madness

As the weeks wind down in preparation for the Nov. 4 election, our efforts to get Prop. 8 passed are increasing exponentially. Last night Chad and I went to the Moorpark High School Homecoming game and spent about 1 1/2 hours waving "Vote Yes" signs at all the passing cars/pedestrians from the corner of the busiest intersection. We had plans to go to the temple, but when our fearless leaders called us and told me that they had to go to Disneyland last night and wouldn't be able to head up this effort, well, of course we postponed our plans. We had about 22 people show up. Not nearly enough, but workable. We spread out over three different intersections and got busy. I wasn't surprised to get flipped off and yelled at ("No" people are always so very pleasant. And their use of certain very salty cusswords indicates their rudeness and lack of education). In fact, I wouldn't have counted it as a successful evening if we hadn't gotten some good f-bombs. Bring it on!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wright Thinking about Same-Sex Marriage

I do not hate gays and lesbians. I understand that many of them feel that they had no choice in their sexual preferences. I understand that life can be very difficult for someone who is attracted to the same sex. I consider gays and lesbians to be fellow human beings sharing in this life-journey. I feel the same way about gays and lesbians as I do about people who wrestle with drug/alcohol addictions - they were born with some gene that made them more susceptible to certain struggles in life.
However, I do not feel that sexual preference deserves special civil rights. If we start down that road, what is to hold me back from suing for special rights just because I prefer a certain sexual position? I think everyone would agree that would be ridiculous. I do not ask to control the personal intimate choices that people make in the bedroom, but I also do not think those choices merit special civil rights. I will never understand how this personal choice became such a huge POLITICAL issue! But it has, so here we are.
This leads me into the concept of TOLERANCE. If we are to understand the current definition of tolerance, it would be "live and let live, except those who don't support homosexuals - they are bigots and shouldn't have civil rights." To me, tolerance means treating EVERYONE with kindness, not unconditional acceptance. I get to disagree with choices other people make, that's my right. But I don't get to abuse them. And I am not.
Now I am getting to the heart of this issue. You do not find homosexuality in nature. All living beings that desire to reproduce, mate with someone of the opposite sex. The puzzle pieces fit together they way God intended. All living beings live in families. When animals get separated from their family grouping (pride, pack, nest, etc.) then there is a much greater chance of them being picked off by a predator. Animals learn survival skills from parents, siblings, or other relatives. It has been this way for eons of time. It works the same way, but with much greater effectiveness, in human beings. In modern times, there have been countless scientific studies performed that support the claim that children progress in a much healthier way when parents of both sexes are present in their life. In the psychological world, it is well known that if a girl has no strong male figure in her life, she faces a much greater chance of being promiscuous and chancing life-destroying sexually transmitted diseases. Children have a much greater chance of being healthy, happy, and successful when parented by an involved mother and father.
Same-sex marriages take that opportunity away from children. In this modern world, life is hard enough for children who must accept the actions of their parents without any say in it.
As well, the legalization of same-sex marriage has consequences attached. This is not just about giving gays/lesbians the right to have a lovely ceremony and a reception afterward. They can do that now, if they want to. This is about dehumanizing a sacred and historically successful institution. "Party A, do you take Party B to be your lawfully wedded partner..." That's ridiculous. But it has happened in CA already. How can that be good for anyone?
If same-sex marriage is legalized, what will happen to churches, businesses, or individuals who, because of basic moral beliefs, do not want to cater to the homosexual population? Will they be sued into going against their beliefs? Who is being "tolerant" then? Catholic Charities in Boston, Mass. had to close their doors because they were threatened with a lawsuit for not arranging adoptions for same-sex couples. What a shame to have lost an organization that provided so much joy for so many families!
And while we are talking about Massachusetts...the legalization of same-sex marriage in that state has changed family-friendly communities into places of where you can't even visit the beach for fear of having to watch public gay sex.
The law ties the hands of the police - who have tried to arrest the individuals for indecent exposure. Families have had to leave that community completely, to escape the promiscuity that has invaded their beaches.
This is a ripple effect. There are many. Will educators be mandated by law to teach homosexual sex education in the schools? Will churches whose beliefs are opposed to the new law be allowed to preach those teachings?

I respectfully ask you to think about these things as you are considering the issue of same-sex marriage in the United States today.

What I did this Laura Wright

On Saturday our family joined about 344 (give or take a few) other people to walk in the Moorpark Country Days parade behind the "Yes on Prop.8" sign. We all bought matching shirts and the kids carried balloons, and gave out pamphlets and candy to parade watchers. I have lived in Moorpark for 6 1/2 years, and I have NEVER, not once, attended Moorpark Country Days. But Prop.8 was enough to get me out there, and to top it all off, IT RAINED!!! We live in a desert, and it rains maybe 10-12 days a year here. Why did it have to rain on that one day? And me in my WHITE prop. 8 shirt?! (I tried using an umbrella but kept poking the people around me with it, so I gave up and just got wet) Anyway, I think we made the statement we were trying for. I heard a city official say, "This is GREAT! Can you all come next year too?" We were an impressive sight! Thanks, everyone who joined in - and thanks to Heather and Nathan Roberts for being the organizers behind this big thing. It was an honor to participate.
I was thrilled to see people of all walks of life (no pun intended) marching in support of Prop. 8. HIspanics, whites, all religions, all races. It was inspiring to see how many people there are who value traditional families! I love this country where we can say what we want and march for what we believe in, and then VOTE!!! Thank goodness for America, and go Prop. 8!

Veep Debate

I got so busy trying to get my taxes together last night (we always file an extension so it is due Oct. 15 instead of April 15, I don't know why) that I almost forgot to watch the debate! But I only missed about 25 minutes of it. Chad called and reminded me.
So here's my take:
Sarah Palin was inspiring at the RNC. Then she had those interviews with Gibson and Couric and I started to feel a little less inspired. Last night, Sarah renewed my enthusiasm. Here's are some undebatable facts about her:

1) Yes, Sarah Palin has no experience with the Washington Machine. Dems would say that is a HUGE shortcoming. I think it is refreshing. Those guys in Washington have messed things up pretty badly so far. Everyone knows that Washington politics involves so much special interest game-playing that even really good people who seem to have integrity end up making questionable decisions. Washington Politics corrupt. I, myself, have wished I could walk into the White House and slap some of these idiots around. Sarah Palin obviously isn't part of that corrupt machine and she has the courage to walk in and do some slapping for me. I would much rather elect a candidate who hasn't already been corrupted. Ronald Reagan got elected as a governor. So did Bill Clinton. Is Arkansas bigger/better/somehow more educational than Alaska? No.
Please, Dems, put that one to rest.

2) Yes, Sarah Palin sidestepped some questions. As long as I have been watching political debates, candidates have been sidestepping questions. EVERYONE does that, even Obama. The protocol of a national debate allows this. Doesn't bother me at all.

3) Yes, Sarah Palin is folksy. She is Everyman. She isn't polished. She isn't perfect. Thank goodness! The McCain/Palin campaign has grabbed on to this and given Sarah the go-ahead to make it part of her image. While she did carry it a bit too far for me last night (dawgonnit?), I still don't mind it. And I think the voters of middle America will agree.

4) Yes, Sarah Palin is hot. In the words of my husband (thank you, Chad). How many males will vote for her just for that?
(Ok, that is kind of chauvinistic, but whatev. I am a realist.)

5) Biden kept harping on how the McCain/Palin ticket will just carry on the same policies that the Bush/Cheney administration has, thereby taking the country deeper into an abyss. This argument is nothing but a scare tactic. Both McCain AND Palin have said time and time again that they are in this to reform, reform, reform. They have acknowledged the "blunders" that this administration have committed. History proves that Palin can do this, look what she did in Alaska! Again, dems, please put that one to rest.

I often find myself voting for a candidate because I have confidence in his/her running mate. This time, no exception. I think Sarah Palin kicked it last night. Go, Sarah, Go!
Posted by Laura at 7:40 AM

It's My Blog, I'll rant if I want to!

There have been a few times in my adult life when, in frustration, I have just wanted to throw the computer out the window. But then my thrifty genes take over quickly and I realize that is just senseless (expensive) destruction. I am referring to the many times that I have read something on the internet and wanted to add my own opinion to the comments at the end (along with many others, who enjoy freedom of speech and the anonymity that the internet provides). Usually, my opinion opposes the majority of the comments and when I see that, it HUGELY increases my desire to post my own two-cents worth. God made me an opinionated woman, and after 37 years, it has only gotten worse.
One frustrating time was when JK Rowling "outed" Dumbledore. I had the habit of visiting a certain website (I will never advertise for them), mainly right before book 7 was released, because it was fun to read the predictions. After the "outing", I went there to see what the reaction was - ohh, it was just peachy. Every one of the commentors thought it was just wonderful! I thought, "No Way! I know there are people out there like me who are disturbed that Rowling did this." But not one negative comment did I see. I tried multiple times to post, and my comments were deleted as fast as I could type them. It literally seemed like a race! Pretty soon, the staffer who ran the website posted, saying that "due to an unbelievable amount of bigoted and racist comments being posted against Rowling and Dumbledore, they were closing the comments section." My comments were not angry in tone or content. Nor were they "bigoted and racist". I am an adult with some sense of propriety, plus, those really contentious posts don't read well anyway. So, after a bit of research (reading profiles of the staffers on that website), I realized that most of them were gay/lesbian. That explained that. But still VERY frustrating, thinking that there is a whole section of society out there, many of them kids, who read that whole thread and got an entirely different impression than what is reality.

Last Friday, I visited the LA Times website to read a great article about Prop. 8. The poor guy who wrote it took a lambasting in the comment section, and it just annoyed me. I tried, yet again, to post comments, time and time again, and not a single one showed up on the thread. It felt like Dumbledore all over again. It feels alot like censorship. And funny how that is such a terrible thing to liberals, yet they seem to practice it all the time. It is one thing, to get that on a website that is personally owned by a group of book fans. But on a widely read newspaper's website, I expected a higher standard. At least the appearance of being unbiased.

I wrote the following letter to the LA Times:
I am concerned with a glaring problem on your website. After reading a particular editorial (the one about Prop. 8), I saw that all the comments were extremely negative. I tried repeatedly to post a comment in response to the editorial and also in response to the amazingly one-sided and insulting comments. Unfortunately, none of my comments were posted. I am wondering why your webmaster seems to have it out for supporters of Prop. 8. This is unfair and in my opinion, a pathetic miscarriage of free speech, to twist the public opinion and make it seem that there are no supporters of Prop. 8 out in the LA area. I cancelled my subscription to the LA Times because of a decidedly leftist slant. My decision was reinforced today. Rest assured that there are many like me out here, I live and work with them every day. Sad that your newspaper cannot appeal to a broad base of people. Sad for you, that is.
Laura Wright,

No response yet.

What they don't realize is that all they did was make me more determined to be heard.

Sarah Palin - you go, girl!

Ok, how big of a geek am I? I was glued to the Republican National Convention last night...first time in my entire life that I have done that. I didn't want to miss Sarah Palin (Rep VP nominee) in her big first speech. Now, before my husband and parents start freaking out, I do believe that a woman needs to see to her home and children first. But we are also encouraged to be involved in our communities and that includes government. With all the hype we've been hearing, I opted to reserve my judgement until I actually saw Palin and heard what she had to say. Conclusion: I would SO be willing to help out with Palin's kids just so she can go to Washington and kick some butt! Besides having a pregnant daughter (that's just sad. I wish the media would leave her alone)...and being able to field-dress a moose (yikes!)...I identify with this woman and I think she could do a world of good if she was elected! Palin is tough, articulate, intelligent, and a heck of alot nicer to look at and listen to than Hillary. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a conservative hockey(soccer)-mom to have some real national influence, and I just hope she gets the chance.

I have become a political activist!

After years and years of being very opinionated regarding politics and other things of national interest, I have officially stepped into the ring and am about to start throwing Laura-sized punches.

About 8 years ago, 61% of the state of CA voted for marriage to be defined as between man and woman. That meant that same sex marriage was illegal, although gay domestic partners still received all the same rights that married partners get (joint tax filing, legal rights in wills, hospital visitation and decision making in emergencies, etc.) It was a huge victory for those of us interested in protecting the traditional family. 3 months ago, 4 San Francisco based judges decided that this law, that the people voted in, was unconstitutional, and it was abolished. Which now makes it legal to marry a dog, in the state of CA, if you really wanted to...give me a break, the institution of marriage HAS to mean more than this!
In November, there will be a new proposition in response to this miscarriage of justice. Proposition 8 is the same 14 words that CA voters approved before, but this time it's put into our state constitution: "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in CA." Vote "yes" on Prop. 8!!!

Why do I feel strongly enough about this that I am going door-to-door to get the word out? Because in the course of my life, both in University (where I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Human Development) and as a mother, I have read literally hundreds of scientific studies that proved that children have the very best chance in life if they live in a two-parent family, with both sexes present. It just makes sense - yin and yang, balancing each other out. I can see society falling apart, and I am certain that the disintegration of the family unit is a very basic part of this.
In addition, it infuriates me that 4 judges can overturn the will of the people. This issue has already been voted on. The voters have already spoken. We shouldn't have to do this again. Do we live in a democracy or not?

If you are not a CA resident, don't think you're off the hook. If our state is voting on this, yours will follow. Please visit and educate yourself on this issue. And send money!!! I am. Although I didn't live in CA at the time of the previous vote on this issue, I sent money then. It was my way of taking part in this battle to save traditional family values. The other side has been yelling so loudly for a lot of years on this subject. I think it is about time we started being heard. And I want my kids to see me standing for something!