Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't underestimate the Housewives!

This is in response to an insulting comment on one of my posts on a particular blog (you know who you are), which said, and I quote: "It makes me ill that a bunch of housewives are sitting around in their homes planning attacks on the civil rights of other human beings."

Let me tell you a little something about housewives. We are the women who went to college and got an education, but chose to stay at home and nurture our kids - to provide that gold-standard upbringing for children. Our children are cared for by people who actually love them, yes, you guessed it, housewives. We are the women who volunteer in the classroom. We are the women who organize huge fundraisers for schools, scout troops, and youth groups. We serve in the PTA. We drive our kids to sporting events, music lessons, playdates. We are the women who are there when our kids get hurt or just need to talk. Our priority is the future. Our goal is to make America and the world better by raising children who are well-adjusted, good citizens, who will stand with courage for all that is good. "The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world". We know this, and accept the challenge readily.

Don't underestimate housewives. When the future of our children is in trouble, then you watch those claws really come out! You think you insulted me by calling me a housewife. Let me tell you, there is no other group of women on earth that I would rather band together with. We are the ones going door to door, gathering support for our causes. We are the ones standing on street corners, waving signs at passing cars. The women registering people to vote? That's us, the housewives. Our votes count just as much as anyone else's does. And we are changing the world one child (or in my case, 4) at a time!


Heather said...

Thank you so much for your comments! And setting everyone straight on housewives. Let them be a housewife for just one day, see if they survive.


beetlebabee said...

The more I’m involved in this campaign, the more I see the face of the other side, the more I realize, these are not your average happy go lucky people with merely a different opinion. There are elements of the Gay movement that are out for blood. It’s these activist groups that persuade us to hand over more and more of our rights. I’m realizing that even if we win this thing in California….this issue isn’t beaten. It’s only the beginning. We’ve got to fight for a constitutional amendment at the federal level. Winning California will give us the momentum we need to launch a national campaign. We need to do it.

I think the groundwork has been laid in the California fight for a huge nationwide backlash against the gay rights movement. We are feeling the tide turning out here in the trenches. We are going to win this thing. We’ve been out in the streets, in our neighborhoods and I can feel the wind shifting in our favor. The support is growing, the tide is changing. It’s incredible.

We’ve got to do more of what we’ve been doing….but get it going at a national level. Talk about it to our neighbors, write about it to the editors of our newspapers. The gay lobby has incredible amounts of money, but we have numbers on our side. The vast majority of the US wants no part of gay marriage in their state. If proposition 8 passes in California, we will have a mandate that could help turn the tide in our favor. We should use that momentum to get a constitutional amendment to the US Constitution. If we leave the decision up to the Supreme Court, there is a chance that it would lose and the price is too high to risk that. We’d see all fifty states fall at once if the Supreme Court went left on us.

The only way to protect this nation is to specify the obvious—marriage is between a man and a woman— only on a national level. The voters will support it, the question is if our legislators will support it. The longer we wait on the issue though, the slimmer our chances get. Awareness is growing now. Now is the time to move on it.

A. said...

Hi Laura! Good to see you among the wheats and not the tares. You were Sister Friendly in our primary forever it seems. My kids have a special place in their heart for you and the Friend magazine.


Teri said...

I was once laughed at for being a "stay-at-home-mom", so thanks for your post on "housewives". In this busy world of ours we may be the ONLY ones who can make a difference.

Laura said...

What a great compliment! Thanks so much for your comment. Its nice to get supporters!

Our Life In Sunny SoCal said...

Loved your post on housewives - although I prefer the title homemaker since I'm not married to my house. My conscious decision to leave the corporate world and focus on the best job ever - parenting, has allowed me to use my skills and education to make the world a better place one person at a time. One of the philosophies that flows nicely with being there to love and raise my own children is to include other children in activities who might not otherwise have the opportunity. I've been a Girl Scout mom, a Cub Scout volunteer, a Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor, a PTA President & Advocate for Children Recipient. I've served as a parent rep in local school decision making and on School Board committees. I've taught art, music & tie dye classes; I've delivered Meals on Wheels, donated blood and recruited others to become involved in whatever way they can. Because of women who make a decision to be actively involved in their community my children & their peers have built a park, provided services at women and youth shelters and senior centers, presented flag ceremonies at citizenship induction events, delivered food & companionship to shut in senior citizens and attended candlelight vigils in support of crime victims. My choice to be a stay at home mom is benefiting society in many ways. The countless volunteer hours contributed by moms & dads make a huge difference in the enriched opportunities available to children and to other institutions in our country.

And they thought we just ate bonbons, watched soaps and shopped...

Ron said...

I was on fire when I read that stupid comment about Housewives. Obviously they do not know the old saying "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." Keep posting Laura - Many organizations could not be run efficiently without us "housewives" involved.

templework said...

"The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world."

I think we've got a good start for a whole 'nother blog here!!!

Thank you for the choices you've made!
and Bless you for your tremendous courage and dedication!