Thursday, October 23, 2008


Over the past few months, as I have really put myself OUT THERE in defense of traditional marriage and Christian morals, I have been astounded at the amount of maliciousness, hatred, and evil that is directed not only at me personally, but all of Christian conservatives in general. My efforts have always been to educate people about what Prop. 8 really means: NOT an elimination of civil rights for same-sex couples, but simply a final word on the definition of the word "marriage". (see earlier blogs)
When commenting on YouTube videos, my words are always returned with irate ranting, accusations of lies, bigotry and hatred, f-bombs right and left, and personal attacks on my religion and way of life. When commenting on Prop. 8-related articles in major online newspapers, same type of response. When waving Prop. 8 signs on street corners, well, that's when it gets really fun! Hand gestures, more f-bombs, and although I haven't personally been a target of any projectiles, other sign wavers I know have been on the receiving end of rotten eggs, and water bottles.
But one takes the cake.
They somehow got hold of the list of Mormons who donated to the Yes on 8 Campaign, and are now using it to investigate every name on the list. Well, I'm on that list, along with my hometown, zip code, donation amount, and membership status in the LDS Church. Later, in a comment to the post giving instructions on how to do this, one blogger said, "Do anything within legal limits to make these people's lives hell. Probably should leave their kids alone, but get in their faces, in any way you can!"
Why am I not surprised?
Talk about HYPOCRITES!!! For all their talk about love, peace, and tolerance, the opposition has shown their true colors. They are more about hatred, violence and poison than any group I have come up against to date.
My response? BRING IT ON!!! I have nothing to hide, I have faith, and I am not alone.

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beetlebabee said...

I just have to share this one with you because….well it’s been a long night, I went to a wave party at a very busy intersection and was mobbed by no on 8ers, (talk about hate) pshew, so I come home and there’s this video in my inbox from my dad…he’s an email warrior…it seriously knocked me back into my happy place. I had to watch it like three times. It makes you want to say, YEAH! and go vote.