Thursday, October 9, 2008

What I did this Laura Wright

On Saturday our family joined about 344 (give or take a few) other people to walk in the Moorpark Country Days parade behind the "Yes on Prop.8" sign. We all bought matching shirts and the kids carried balloons, and gave out pamphlets and candy to parade watchers. I have lived in Moorpark for 6 1/2 years, and I have NEVER, not once, attended Moorpark Country Days. But Prop.8 was enough to get me out there, and to top it all off, IT RAINED!!! We live in a desert, and it rains maybe 10-12 days a year here. Why did it have to rain on that one day? And me in my WHITE prop. 8 shirt?! (I tried using an umbrella but kept poking the people around me with it, so I gave up and just got wet) Anyway, I think we made the statement we were trying for. I heard a city official say, "This is GREAT! Can you all come next year too?" We were an impressive sight! Thanks, everyone who joined in - and thanks to Heather and Nathan Roberts for being the organizers behind this big thing. It was an honor to participate.
I was thrilled to see people of all walks of life (no pun intended) marching in support of Prop. 8. HIspanics, whites, all religions, all races. It was inspiring to see how many people there are who value traditional families! I love this country where we can say what we want and march for what we believe in, and then VOTE!!! Thank goodness for America, and go Prop. 8!

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