Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Obama: Take that, Republicans!

Since the passage of Obamacare, and the conservative/Republican outcry and vows for repeal, Obama has turned a bit vindictive. The gloves are off and he is not even trying to be bipartisan. See this article from The Wall Street Journal.

I don't know about you, but I don't like his attitude!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Go C4!

I love a good grassroots political campaign. I love when concerned citizens get passionate about their political beliefs and decide to really do something about it!

"March 20, 2010
New Harmony, Utah....

76 Citizens Gather to Urge Congressman Matheson to Vote 'NO'

Concerned Conservative Citizens Coalition (C4) and other interested citizens held a successful rally at Congressman Jim Matheson's St. George office this morning to urge him to vote "NO" on the proposed Healtcare/Student Loan Legislation. The group gathered at his office, heard statements from Speaker David Clark, Senator Dennis Stowell, Representative Bradley Last, Senator Bob Bennett and St. George Mayor Dan McArthur, and marched to the corner of Mall Drive and Red Cliffs Drive where the enthusiastic protestors received a warm reception by drivers along the busy street.

Following the rally the participants filed through Congressman Matheson's Office to sign a petition stating their objection to the Healthcare/Student Loan Bill.

C4 is a group of citizens from New Harmony and Kanarraville, Utah who meet monthly to discuss and take action on legislation and events effecting our constitution, individual rights and limited government." (On a personal note, this group was created by two very savvy senior citizens who decided there was no reason they couldn't make a difference. My parents. And I am very proud of them and the snowball they got rolling!)

Guess what? Their rally was covered by the radio and newspaper. And it worked. Matheson voted NO!!! Didn't keep the bill from passing, but did prove (YET AGAIN!!!) that grassroots efforts really DO make a difference! And I think it should inspire us all to let these politicians, who are supposed to represent the people, know what we the people think of them. Vote them out of office in November!