Saturday, November 1, 2008

Aaagh! More of the homosexual agenda in schools...

Only this time, glory be, there is a lawsuit in the works! Check out this story on Fox News.
There should be some kind of major fine for a campaign that blatantly lies like the No on 8 campaign does.


beetlebabee said...

check this out:

We know that the schools are in the tank for the opposition, but this is just over the top:

This morning several individuals from the local Conejo Valley School Administration in Thousand Oaks, CA, destroyed the giant proposition 8 sign that was placed on the public easement adjacent to the school property. The easement, originally owned by the school administration was given to Edison power company because of the power lines in the area. Edison gave local residents permission to use the easement for their personal use.

Residents erected the sign yesterday but it lasted less than 24 hours before school officials destroyed it. There was a disagreement about whose property the sign was on, but rather than discuss the matter in a reasonable way, angry school officials marched out to the location saying they were going to “nuke” the sign. Residents were on hand and offered to remove the sign but the administration officials refused to allow the sign to be removed peaceably and destroyed it instead. The destruction was caught on tape and police are investigating.

Several of the local residents called police who recovered property from the sign that administrators stole during the incident.

Laura said...

Wow, I saw this on your blog and was totally outraged! Give me the address, I will get everyone I know to write letters!
You could see the hatred all over the one man's face in the pictures. Unbelievable.

prop8discussion said...

the best part of this experience has been where i've realized that we really can help our society be better. whether or not prop 8 passes-- we all need to work together to make families stronger. all families.

thank you for your site and your courage.

gender matters. children have a right to a mom and a dad.