Thursday, October 16, 2008

Worried about Parent's Rights in the schools?

Tuesday, Oct. 21, Protesters are staging a sick-out for public school students. This is a STATEWIDE protest that will hit where it hurts, the money that each school receives per student, per day. Let's go, parents!

Whose Side are Teachers Unions on? Follow the money, folks. This is the scariest part about this campaign!

Yesterday's campaign finance report from the No on Proposition 8 campaign is startling.
The California Teacher's Association donated $1 million to the campaign. This is in addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars already pumped in to the campaign by the CTA in the last few months.

Opponents of Proposition 8 claim that it's all lies when we warn that your children will be indoctrinated about same-sex marriage and homosexuality. They claim that you'll be able to opt your child out of class when same-sex marriage is taught or discussed. But we know that the judiciary is actively promoting the homosexual agenda by their overturning Proposition 22 this year. And case law shows that parents are losing their rights as well.

Wake up, parents. If you are concerned about what your child will be indoctrinated with at school, you have to vote against the "supposed un-biased teacher's union", and vote FOR Proposition 8!


John Weymouth said...

Nice blog Laura. Keep up the good work.


Nicole said...

When I heard this I was fuming! I heard (from Candi Garrett) that teacher's can't opt out from the union taking money from each of their paychecks. And they have no say in how it is spent! If the Teacher's Union has so much money floating around, why don't they pay some back to their hard-working, under-paid teachers instead of something so political as No on Prop 8? Why don't they buy some copy paper for the elementary schools so I don't have to?! Every year I am begged by my kids' teachers to bring in much needed school supplies. It's absurd to me that a Teacher's Union would choose to spend so much money that way. How does a Yes vote affect them? It doesn't. How does a No vote affect them? It does!! I don't get it. Seriously, am I missing something?

Dana said...

Hi Laura,

I really liked your blog. You're very intelligent and knowledgeable about the issues and I learned a lot from you. Although I have been registered as a Democrat for most of my voting years, I always look at the pro's and con's about every issue and vote with my knowledge and heart. I DEFINITELY will vote yes on Prop 8. In the past, I have never voted a straight ticket as a Democrat. That's like saying the other "guys" have no valuable opinions or ideas. I pick and choose each candidate carefully and study the propositions. Although I definitely lean more toward being a liberal, many times in the past I have voted conservative. Frankly, I am totally fed up with the way things have been going for years and years. I am ready to throw all the incumbents out of office and get some fresh blood in these different offices. Thanks for your comments!

Laura said...

Go, Dana! You would be more of an Independent than a Democrat. You choose to vote according to your own beliefs than according to one party's agenda. I am definitely leaning that direction too. Glad my blogs have helped you!

beetlebabee said...

They shouldn't be using the schools as a social experiment indoctrination ground. Schools should be on a higher, more protected level than that. I don't know about you, but I work really hard for my school. My kids do well and I am a participating mom. It makes me so angry that the Teacher's union of all things would be supporting the destruction of families in this state. Have you heard about the State wide Sick-out this Tuesday? I'm holding my kids home, we're going to peacefully protest the schools gay marriage agenda.

There's more information about it on my blog:

A. said...

I'm keeping my kids out. Maybe we'll practice composing letters to our principal about the dangers of alienating their supportive families by their politicking!

Or maybe we'll go take a field trip to the Reagan Library to learn about freedom vs. the Soviet Union instead.

A. said...

Nicole, I found this information on Beetle Blogger about teachers getting refunds for the dues that were spent toward the gay marriage initiative. Looks like they do have recourse!---