Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Prop. 8 Madness

As the weeks wind down in preparation for the Nov. 4 election, our efforts to get Prop. 8 passed are increasing exponentially. Last night Chad and I went to the Moorpark High School Homecoming game and spent about 1 1/2 hours waving "Vote Yes" signs at all the passing cars/pedestrians from the corner of the busiest intersection. We had plans to go to the temple, but when our fearless leaders called us and told me that they had to go to Disneyland last night and wouldn't be able to head up this effort, well, of course we postponed our plans. We had about 22 people show up. Not nearly enough, but workable. We spread out over three different intersections and got busy. I wasn't surprised to get flipped off and yelled at ("No" people are always so very pleasant. And their use of certain very salty cusswords indicates their rudeness and lack of education). In fact, I wouldn't have counted it as a successful evening if we hadn't gotten some good f-bombs. Bring it on!!!

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