Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why I support Proposition 8:

1) In 2000, 61% of voters in CA voted for an amendment to be passed that defined marriage as being between one man and one woman. Earlier this year, 4 liberal judges overturned the voice of the people because they interpreted that amendment to be unconstitutional. I don't like the voice of the people being overturned and marginalized like that.
2) In 2005, the California Domestic Partnership Law provided all the same rights that traditional married couples have. These rights include:
• Creating and dissolving registered domestic partnerships
• Community property and financial obligations
• Parental rights and responsibilities
• Public benefits
• Health care and end of life issues
(BTW, I got this information off of a gay/lesbian website)
Prop. 8 does not change ANY of these rights. It merely prevents same-sex couples from calling themselves "married". Same-sex couples are different from heterosexual couples in very obvious ways. They can and should have a different title for their relationships than the traditional word "married".
3) There are far-reaching effects of this definition change. Education is the biggest concern for my family. I reserve the right to teach MY children about moral issues MY way. This definition change will not only allow, it will FORCE public educators to teach all children about same-sex relationships, without the restraint of parental consent. I don't want my children to learn about this from people who don't understand our family's morals and beliefs. That kind of education infringes on my rights as a parent.

I do not hate people with same-sex attraction. I recognize them as a very active part of our society. I do not wish to destroy their rights. Prop. 8 DOES NOT take any rights away. It simply preserves the traditional definition of marriage as between man and woman. It allows parents to address the education of their children on this basic issue. It protects the traditional family.

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