Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sarah Palin - you go, girl!

Ok, how big of a geek am I? I was glued to the Republican National Convention last night...first time in my entire life that I have done that. I didn't want to miss Sarah Palin (Rep VP nominee) in her big first speech. Now, before my husband and parents start freaking out, I do believe that a woman needs to see to her home and children first. But we are also encouraged to be involved in our communities and that includes government. With all the hype we've been hearing, I opted to reserve my judgement until I actually saw Palin and heard what she had to say. Conclusion: I would SO be willing to help out with Palin's kids just so she can go to Washington and kick some butt! Besides having a pregnant daughter (that's just sad. I wish the media would leave her alone)...and being able to field-dress a moose (yikes!)...I identify with this woman and I think she could do a world of good if she was elected! Palin is tough, articulate, intelligent, and a heck of alot nicer to look at and listen to than Hillary. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a conservative hockey(soccer)-mom to have some real national influence, and I just hope she gets the chance.

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