Thursday, October 9, 2008

Veep Debate

I got so busy trying to get my taxes together last night (we always file an extension so it is due Oct. 15 instead of April 15, I don't know why) that I almost forgot to watch the debate! But I only missed about 25 minutes of it. Chad called and reminded me.
So here's my take:
Sarah Palin was inspiring at the RNC. Then she had those interviews with Gibson and Couric and I started to feel a little less inspired. Last night, Sarah renewed my enthusiasm. Here's are some undebatable facts about her:

1) Yes, Sarah Palin has no experience with the Washington Machine. Dems would say that is a HUGE shortcoming. I think it is refreshing. Those guys in Washington have messed things up pretty badly so far. Everyone knows that Washington politics involves so much special interest game-playing that even really good people who seem to have integrity end up making questionable decisions. Washington Politics corrupt. I, myself, have wished I could walk into the White House and slap some of these idiots around. Sarah Palin obviously isn't part of that corrupt machine and she has the courage to walk in and do some slapping for me. I would much rather elect a candidate who hasn't already been corrupted. Ronald Reagan got elected as a governor. So did Bill Clinton. Is Arkansas bigger/better/somehow more educational than Alaska? No.
Please, Dems, put that one to rest.

2) Yes, Sarah Palin sidestepped some questions. As long as I have been watching political debates, candidates have been sidestepping questions. EVERYONE does that, even Obama. The protocol of a national debate allows this. Doesn't bother me at all.

3) Yes, Sarah Palin is folksy. She is Everyman. She isn't polished. She isn't perfect. Thank goodness! The McCain/Palin campaign has grabbed on to this and given Sarah the go-ahead to make it part of her image. While she did carry it a bit too far for me last night (dawgonnit?), I still don't mind it. And I think the voters of middle America will agree.

4) Yes, Sarah Palin is hot. In the words of my husband (thank you, Chad). How many males will vote for her just for that?
(Ok, that is kind of chauvinistic, but whatev. I am a realist.)

5) Biden kept harping on how the McCain/Palin ticket will just carry on the same policies that the Bush/Cheney administration has, thereby taking the country deeper into an abyss. This argument is nothing but a scare tactic. Both McCain AND Palin have said time and time again that they are in this to reform, reform, reform. They have acknowledged the "blunders" that this administration have committed. History proves that Palin can do this, look what she did in Alaska! Again, dems, please put that one to rest.

I often find myself voting for a candidate because I have confidence in his/her running mate. This time, no exception. I think Sarah Palin kicked it last night. Go, Sarah, Go!
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