Monday, October 27, 2008

I just voted YES on Prop. 8!

And Yes on Prop. 4 (parental notification for abortions - can't believe that is actually up for vote!), and, oh yeah! Yes on Sarah Palin (you go, girl! ;D),and Tony Strickland.
Via Absentee Ballots, my hubby and I sat down and exercised our right to vote tonight. They make those Absentee Ballots kind of difficult, but I read the instruction card 3 times. Since you have to use a blue or black ball-point pen, and we could only find one in the house (I like those gel pens), we shared a pen and had a together moment...awww. We didn't even argue about anything this time! (In the past, we have cancelled out each other's votes, or in one desperate act of rebellion, I actually hid his ballot from him, and then filled it out myself. We were disagreeing on a local measure regarding land development. It took awhile, but he forgave me!) The most important thing, besides making sure to connect the right arrows, is to sign on the back of the envelope. They won't count it if it isn't signed. Then I put way too much postage on it, and tomorrow I will take it to the post office. Simple as that! It feels so great to vote!


sweat, tears, or the sea: prop 8 edition said...

as i've studied this issue, i've realized that the state really does have a responsibility to protect its children.

France took a year studying the issue BEFORE they decided. They rejected same-sex marriage because of the rights of children.

Every child has a right to a mom and a dad. This is how they grow and learn best. While homosexual parents might be really good people, they can't equal a mom AND a dad.

society has an obligation to provide this basic and natural/biological right to its children.

there is a cool discussion going on here:

and here:

lybberty said...

making me proud, auntie.

Pomoprophet said...

For someone so concerned about the morality of others you are so willing to break election law by tampering with another ballot.

I guess I'm supposed to do as you say and not as you do right?

Laura said...

Can't you tell that that was a joke? Obviously I never voted fraudulently - I actually am a very honest person and wouldn't even consider forging my husband's name on his absentee ballot envelope.

So not only are liberals the most INTOLERANT people I've ever known, but they also have no senses of humor?

Heather said...

LOL! I laughed at your voting story because when my sister and I don't know how to vote, she will vote yes and I will vote no, thus cancelling each other's vote out. Hehehehe.

I voted absentee ballot last night too! YAY! I'll let you guess how I voted on prop 8 :)

Helen said...

LOL Laura, you cracked me up! I hear ya on the "feels so great to vote" part. Now its just the stressing that I'm trying to deal with until November 5th.