Friday, October 24, 2008

Response to latest No on 8 Ads

The latest No on 8 ads accuse the Yes on 8 campaign of bald-face lies regarding our children and their indoctrination in CA public schools. They even claim that the message is supported by "California Teachers". They say that our claims of parents losing their right to opt out of homosexual education is a "scare tactic". Well, how do they respond to this?

California School Holds 'Gay Day' for Kindergartners

Parents in Hayward, Calif., were shocked to learn their children were being taught to be "allies" of homosexuals, WorldNetDaily reported.

Faith Ringgold School of Art and Science reportedly did not inform parents of its pro-homosexual activities, which included "Coming Out Day," "Ally Week" and Gay and Lesbian History Month.

Pacific Justice Institute attorneys, who are advising the parents, said the school also is planning to host TransAction Gender-Bender Read-Aloud, an event where students will hear adapted tales such as Jane and the Beanstalk.

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, said this demonstrates why Californians need to vote "Yes" on Proposition 8, which would define marriage as between one man and one woman.
"Do we need further proof that gay activists will target children as early as possible?" he asked. "Opponents of traditional marriage keep telling us that Prop. 8. has nothing to do with education. In reality, they want to push the gay lifestyle on kindergarteners.

Yes, folks, this is a public school. No, parents were NOT informed of these special homosexual events in their kids Kindergarten classes. I feel some lawsuits coming on!

This is NOT a scare tactic. The indoctrination process is already happening. Parents, reclaim your rights! Vote yes on 8, and let your school administrators know how you feel about this!


Jill said...

You're right. This is not a scare tactic, it's the truth. It's also true that Calif. does have strict opt out rules but not passing prop 8 is a slippery slope. Five years from now it may be so commonplace that teacher's won't even think to ask if parents would like to opt out. I'm voting yes on prop 8.

busywithconviction said...

The same organization that is doing these ads is also currently pushing in Massachusetts to have same-sex marriage taught in schools. What hypocrite!!! If Prop 8 fails it will impact our entire nations. More than we can begin to imagine. Opponents to prop 8 my be smooth talkers, but that doesn't make what they are saying true.

Vote yes to 8

Left Coaster said...

Good post, Keep blogging. We are sprinting towards Nov 4. Vote yes on Prop 8!

The Skinny on Schools and Prop 8.

1 - Public schools in California are not required to teach anything about marriage.

2 - 96 percent of California public schools teach a Health and Sex Ed Curriculum, which is my understanding is required under law (but I cannot find that online yet from the State, I am still looking).

3 - If a public school teaches Health and Sex Ed, they are required to teach the following :

“Instruction shall be appropriate for students of all genders, sexual orientations, and ethnic and cultural backgrounds…Instruction shall encourage communication between students and their families and shall teach respect for marriage and committed relationships.

4 - This means that schools that teach Heath and Sex Ed will now be required to teach that Gay Marriage is the same as Marriage between a Man and a Woman.

A. said...

It seems to me that we're allowing our kids to be used in schools like social laboratory rats instead of human beings. Did you know that France already went through this fight? I was shocked to learn that. France! of all countries. Who would figure they would be our allies in this?

I have been looking into their studies. They actually REJECTED gay marriage because they found it hurt kids. I guess it shouldn’t surprise us that genders matter in child rearing, but it seems like in all the hullabaloo about so called “gay rights” we’ve forgotten about the kids’ rights. Kids have rights too.

To hear the opposition tell it, you’d think we were the only backward country in the world that hadn’t already accepted the inevitable. Only five countries have legalized same sex marriage. France is one of the ones who studied it out first. They went to those five countries and saw what their choice had done to the stability of their countries. There are marked declines in health and family. It’s worth looking into, rather than just running full steam ahead into oblivion. I am always leery of people who want to guilt me into voting a certain way. It makes me want to say, so….what’s the other side? here it is.

A. said...

It’s completely terrifying that they would want this kind of confusion in the schools.

The more I look at it the clearer it becomes, gay rights activists have an agenda. They say that gayness is not a choice, that it’s genetically driven, so we shouldn’t deny them their lifestyle and we’re discriminating if we do. But the statistics show that children raised in a gay environment are much more likely to choose the gay lifestyle themselves.

While there may be some genetic component, the consensus is that it is most likely a combination of genetics and societal influence. For instance, one of our high schools is having a rash of homosexual type experimentation because it’s become the edge thing to do.

That has everything to do with environment and nothing to do with genetics. That a school would choose to immerse the future generations with this kind of crosstalk and confusion is unfathomable.