Monday, November 17, 2008

In answer to those who say that same sex couples have no rights in CA:

In my place of business, we deal with medical insurance on a daily basis. We work with patients and insurance companies to ensure that the best care possible can be achieved with the most insurance coverage possible. Last month, we had two interesting situations arise.

We had an unmarried heterosexual couple that had been cohabitating for 8 years. This would qualify as a domestic partnership (common law marriage). The female tried to get insurance coverage through the male's insurance, but was repeatedly denied.

The other situation involved a same sex couple who had cohabitated for 1 year, but had registered with the state as a same-sex domestic partnership. One partner was trying to get insurance coverage through the other's insurance. Without question, the partner was accepted and given full coverage.

Who had more rights here? And WHY are they complaining about inequality?

Just wondering...

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