Friday, November 7, 2008

What now?

Weell, pretty much the only thing I voted for that won was Prop. 8. And unlike these sore losers, I accept the will of the people and will try to make the best with what I've got. Although I am worried about Obama's redistribution of wealth and how that will affect taxes, and his health care plan that seems much more like socialized medicine than anything else; I do respect the office of the President of the United States enough to wish him well and pray for him daily. Frankly, I feel sorry for Obama. He is starting out his term with nothing short of a disaster on his hands. Job rates down, economy a mess, crime increasing, and on the national front, Russia is raising its ugly head once again...and that isn't even taking the Islamic terrorists into consideration. Obama made many promises during his campaign...I hope he will be able to fix SOMETHING, because the natives are restless!

How will the results of this election change my day to day life? Well, I got into the habit of expressing my opinion pretty freely while campaigning for Prop. 8, and I don't see that changing. The world we live in is calling for some voices from the religious right, which is a community that has typically avoided confrontation and ruffling of feathers. I encourage my fellow Evangelical conservatives to continue to speak your minds. We have seen what we can do in the passing of Prop. is NOT the time to slip back into that world of meekness and silence. Take an active role in your communities - and if you can, get involved in local government or school boards. If we are to protect what we worked so hard for, we will need to be active in defending it daily. (I know, I know...just when you thought it was over...)


Beetlebabee said...

I find it interesting that the very people who demand tolerance and acceptance are dishing out intolerance and condemnation. That’s not the way to make friends in communities they seek acceptance from.

However, on the flipside, isn't it great that the interfaith coalition is supporting us and standing with us even when we're obviously the unpopular target?

Los Angeles interfaith leaders voiced their support for the LDS church this afternoon, saying: “The peaceful faiths, families, educators, activists, and community servants who make up the protect Marriage Coalition are saddened to hear of the continued targeted attacks on the Mormon people during and after the conclusion of this fair and certified election. Like many churches, the family is the anchor of the LDS faith and it is no surprise that its members in California joined other faiths in giving everything they had to Proposition 8.“

Laura said...

Thank goodness for that!