Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prop. 8 Supporters have no privacy, fear revenge

Let me see if I can relate this timeline correctly.
1) During the Prop. 8 Campaign, the no on 8 folks accused us of intolerance, hatred, and bigotry - just for disagreeing with them.
2) Also during the Campaign, repeated acts of violence and vandalism were enacted on Prop. 8 Supporters (above picture taken of my own bumper sticker after a carload of college-aged girls jumped out of a car and wrote obscene things on my Yes on 8 yard signs and bumper sticker - we got it on surveillance camera).
3) Prop. 8 Campaigners experienced obscene name calling, threats, being pelted with eggs, and obscene hand gestures repeatedly during our campaign efforts.
4) Then, Prop. 8 passes and Prop. 8 Supporters said a collective, "Whew, I'm glad that's over!"
5) Prop. 8 Opponents (sore losers) demonstrate in streets, vandalize churches, push and spit on old ladies, and publish the infamous "Dishoner Roll" - the list of all the yes on 8 donors, along with the call to punish Prop. 8 supporters in any way possible ("probably should leave their kids alone, though.")
6) Lawsuits are filed, places of business boycotted and picketed, Prop. 8 Supporters begin to lose jobs.
7) A map is published which lists all donors AND shows where they live (yup, my house is right there on that map, even though we donated through my husband's business which is located in another town!) A clear invasion of privacy.
8) Now, a judge rules that the complete donor list cannot be kept private. Prop. 8 donors fear even more reprisals.

Now, let us look at this logically. Which group of people is more intolerant? Which group of people is more hateful? Which group of people is more bent on discrimination? Which group is more violent and vindictive? Who is causing the most problems? Same-sex couples still enjoy a legal union, recognized by the state of CA, with all the "rights" that entails. Joint income tax filing, adoptions, medical insurance coverage, etc. Prop. 8 did not take that away. Prop. 8 did not encourage any kind of violence toward the GLBT community. No one is trying to put them in prison for being attracted to members of their own sex. So what are they having such a temper tantrum about?
As an activist American who pays plenty of taxes and stimulates the economy every day, I take issue with the general acceptance of the threats and violence that is perpetrated by the NO on 8 people. It is just wrong for one group of Americans to have their livelihoods threatened and their privacy invaded because they exercised their constitutional right to support an initiative up for vote.
Wrong, immoral, illegal, and yet so accepted in today's society. Who is really ignorant, here? Unfortunately, mainstream media does not clearly point out what is really going on. Well, I'll take that one on, along with my fellow DNA bloggers. Read on, and educate yourselves!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Samuel Jackson weighs in on Mormon support for Prop. 8

Here we go again, another celebrity publicly expressing his opinion of the intelligence of an entire church. He calls Mormons, "Misinformed".
As a dedicated political blogger who scours the internet (researching both conservative AND liberal news/politics sites) for anything of interest, who has a college degree, and who is a member of one of the MOST INFORMED defense of family groups (DNA - see link at right), I beg to differ! Those of us who worked in the trenches on the Prop. 8 campaign were required to be very well informed, because we had to answer to the opposition on every point we made. And we did, with a vengeance! Prop. 8 passed, largely because of how very hard we worked to educate every living voter.
I assert that Hollywood celebrities are the misinformed ones. They don't live in the real world. Their world is made up of paparazzi and award shows. Designer clothes and world travel. Most of them don't even have college educations! Yet, they are quoted on the front page of magazines and newspapers like they own all of us.
Oh, I am so sick of celebrities. Maybe it is because I live in S. CA and see them on a regular basis...truly, folks, they put their shoes on one at a time just like you and me. And when your next door neighbor gets on a soapbox and starts spouting "misinformation", you just roll your eyes and dismiss them. It's time to do the same thing with soapbox-standing, nonsense-spouting celebrities. And frankly, in this economy, they make too much money anyway.

Monday, January 26, 2009

San Francisco City Official retaliates against CATHOLIC Prop. 8 Supporters

I thought this was interesting!

THIS Mormon Prop. 8 Supporter is behind the Catholics on this - all the way!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tom Hanks apologizes?

Earlier, Fox News reported Tom Hanks as calling Mormons who financially supported Prop. 8 "un-American". The Church responded, ""Expressing an opinion in a free and democratic society is as American as it gets."
Here is Tom's response.
LOL! I wonder what motivated him to back down?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama: 'Change we never imagined'

It has been with dismay and disappointment that I have been reading all about Obama's agenda for social policy. In fact, I have had a hard time even writing about it, which, dear readers, must have mystified a few of you. I came upon a column by Matt Barber that expresses my feelings exactly, so I wanted to share it with you.

And can I just say, that inauguration was a farce? The music was pre-recorded, the oath of office was completely botched by both parties involved (and followed up with a make-up swearing-in that didn't even involve the traditional Bible), and Obama's speech was boring and totally unimaginative. What a lousy way to start off this presidency!

Just shaking my head...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What happened to California?

As a California native and current resident (I left for about 8 years for my and my hubby's college educations), I have long enjoyed all the Golden State has to offer. But like this article states, I would like to leave! California is not a family-friendly state to live in.
The public school system is a mess. Lack of funding, increased ESL (English as a Second Language) students force teachers to teach to the lowest common denominator, and now homosexual indoctrination (under the guise of teaching "tolerance") combine to make a public school education in CA a joke for many families. Home schooling is on the rise.
The state economy is also a mess. Which means that already sky-high taxes will be going up again. In spite of falling home prices, young families cannot afford to live here. Property taxes are too high. And much of the state budget is going to pay for illegal immigrants who don't pay taxes but collect welfare like crazy (I had a friend who worked in the county welfare wouldn't believe the stories she told me!).
We could blame it on the Democrats who want to give hand-outs to everyone...or we could blame it on Republicans who won't sign a state budget...I wouldn't even know where to start to fix the mess. And I think it is a shame that such a beautiful place with so much to offer is slowly bleeding to death.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Actress Anne Hathaway to protest Rick Warren at inauguration

In the spirit of encouraging fairness among the Hollywood types with regard to political leanings and activism, I say we boycott Anne Hathaway's new movie "Wedding Wars" to protest her protest against Rick Warren.
According to Foxnews:
"She speaks her mind about issues she feels passionately about.
One of them is Barack Obama—whom she backed—and his choice of Rick Warren as the Obama Inauguration’s clergy of choice.

“I am against it,” Hathaway told me at the after party last night amid champagne toasts to her, to Streep, and to her “Rachel” co-star Rosemarie Dewitt. “My older brother is gay, and so its a family issue for me. My father is coming with me to the Inauguration. At first we discussed not going, and then we thought we’d just turn our backs when he [Warren] speaks. But we didn’t want to be disrespectful. So we’re going to wear ribbons protesting his appearance.”

So she’s outspoken, and polite. That’s a combination you can’t beat."

Do you think they would say the same thing about a conservative activist in Hollywood?

The liberal activist actors think nothing about throwing their opinions around (how many times have they threatened to move out of the country if a conservative Republican was elected President...I say "go! and good riddance to you!") - yet the conservative ones fear for their jobs. So in the spirit of fairness...
The truth is, I would never be able to get my husband to see that chick flick with me anyway.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sports funding goes, homosexual education funding stays intact

Schools all over the US are facing budget cuts, but in Massachusetts, homosexual education programs will go untouched and fully funded. See article here.
And no one in the Massachusetts education system is complaining about this? Public education is jumping into bed (so to speak) with the homosexual aware, folks, this could be happening in your child's school. I can't help but wonder how this is slipping by everyone? Why aren't people speaking up?

Media critic/documentary filmmaker interviews Sarah Palin

A guy named John Ziegler is working on a documentary entitled, "Media Malpractice" which highlights the mess that mainstream media has made, especially of the last political campaign. Of course, the biggest victim of the 'media malpractice' had to be Sarah Palin and her family. Click here to see the interview.

I am looking forward to seeing the documentary when it is finished. Hurry up, John!

Campbell's/Swanson's Soup Company Comes Out

I received this email from American Family Association this morning:

Campbell's Soup refuses to remain neutral, joins gay activists in the culture war.
According to an article by Erik Sass in the Dec. 24 edition of the Media Daily News, Campbell's Soup will not be neutral in the culture war. The Media Daily News reports that Campbell's will continue to use its advertising dollars to support homosexual publications pushing the homosexual agenda and same-sex marriage. AFA had asked the company to remain neutral in the culture war.
The company sponsored two pages of ads in both the December 2008 and January 2009 issues of The Advocate, the nation’s largest homosexual magazine. The ads featured the company's Swanson line of broth.
The Media Daily News article said the soup company will continue to support the homosexual agenda: "A Campbell spokesman was quoted as saying, 'Our plans for the Swanson brand include additional placements in The Advocate'."
To show their commitment to same-sex marriage, Campbell's featured two "married" lesbians and their son in one of the ads.

Take Action!
Send an email to Campbell Soup Company President Douglas Conant.
Tell him you are disappointed that Campbell's Soup has decided to support the homosexual agenda in the culture war.

After sending your e-mail, please call Campbell Soup Company (1-800-257-8443) and their Swanson division (1-800-442-7684) and express your disappointment that Campbell's is supporting same-sex marriage.

PLEASE: Forward this e-mail to your friends and family so they will know about Campbell's support of same-sex marriage and the homosexual agenda.

And, by all means, boycott! I am surprised that, in this slow economy, companies would make such a choice. Remember, only 2% of the population of the US is gay/lesbian!