Friday, January 30, 2009

Samuel Jackson weighs in on Mormon support for Prop. 8

Here we go again, another celebrity publicly expressing his opinion of the intelligence of an entire church. He calls Mormons, "Misinformed".
As a dedicated political blogger who scours the internet (researching both conservative AND liberal news/politics sites) for anything of interest, who has a college degree, and who is a member of one of the MOST INFORMED defense of family groups (DNA - see link at right), I beg to differ! Those of us who worked in the trenches on the Prop. 8 campaign were required to be very well informed, because we had to answer to the opposition on every point we made. And we did, with a vengeance! Prop. 8 passed, largely because of how very hard we worked to educate every living voter.
I assert that Hollywood celebrities are the misinformed ones. They don't live in the real world. Their world is made up of paparazzi and award shows. Designer clothes and world travel. Most of them don't even have college educations! Yet, they are quoted on the front page of magazines and newspapers like they own all of us.
Oh, I am so sick of celebrities. Maybe it is because I live in S. CA and see them on a regular basis...truly, folks, they put their shoes on one at a time just like you and me. And when your next door neighbor gets on a soapbox and starts spouting "misinformation", you just roll your eyes and dismiss them. It's time to do the same thing with soapbox-standing, nonsense-spouting celebrities. And frankly, in this economy, they make too much money anyway.


emissary said...

I agree that most of us in the trenches are well informed. It always irked me that people would accuse supporters of Prop. 8 as just being afraid or unwilling to embrace change. They would assume that if anyone actually did research, s/he would vote No on Prop. 8. It seemed crazy that someone would research and still choose to vote Yes.

David Sr. said...

It irks me that those who disagree with the liberal establishment are "misinformed" instead of reasonably disagree on the topic. You cannot have the double edged sword of 'tolerance' cut only one way.
Keep it coming.

Secular Heretic said...

He can't be very famous, I've never heard of him. There is no such thing as "gay marriage". Marriage is part of our human nature, we cannot go changing marriage to suit a minority group. It would be a delusion.

Pakar Rhoy said...

It's ironic that the truly ignorant people, the ones that can be swayed by the statement "it's unfair we can't have gay marriage," are the ones calling Mormons ignorant.

Chairm said...

Laura, I'm not offended and not insulted by the charge of being "just misinformed".

Like David said, it is just irksome that Jackson could not acknowledge the actual disagreement.

He is no doubt well informed of the SSM side but not so much of the pro-marriage side. He is uninformed.

As am I. That is, I still await the SSM side's plainly stated core meaning of the relationship type they have in mind when they use the word, marriage.

The don't say. So we all remain as uninformed as Jackson.

* * *

I saw Jackson's No on 8 video. It was very misinformative.

It had five points and a conclusion. The points did not lead to his conclusion.

The visual images hinted at something that does not apply to the man-woman basis of marriage law.

The video was well done but ill formed.

But Jackson's well-trained voice sounded, ... so informative. I guess that's the best he could do. That is, act informed.