Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prop. 8 Supporters have no privacy, fear revenge

Let me see if I can relate this timeline correctly.
1) During the Prop. 8 Campaign, the no on 8 folks accused us of intolerance, hatred, and bigotry - just for disagreeing with them.
2) Also during the Campaign, repeated acts of violence and vandalism were enacted on Prop. 8 Supporters (above picture taken of my own bumper sticker after a carload of college-aged girls jumped out of a car and wrote obscene things on my Yes on 8 yard signs and bumper sticker - we got it on surveillance camera).
3) Prop. 8 Campaigners experienced obscene name calling, threats, being pelted with eggs, and obscene hand gestures repeatedly during our campaign efforts.
4) Then, Prop. 8 passes and Prop. 8 Supporters said a collective, "Whew, I'm glad that's over!"
5) Prop. 8 Opponents (sore losers) demonstrate in streets, vandalize churches, push and spit on old ladies, and publish the infamous "Dishoner Roll" - the list of all the yes on 8 donors, along with the call to punish Prop. 8 supporters in any way possible ("probably should leave their kids alone, though.")
6) Lawsuits are filed, places of business boycotted and picketed, Prop. 8 Supporters begin to lose jobs.
7) A map is published which lists all donors AND shows where they live (yup, my house is right there on that map, even though we donated through my husband's business which is located in another town!) A clear invasion of privacy.
8) Now, a judge rules that the complete donor list cannot be kept private. Prop. 8 donors fear even more reprisals.

Now, let us look at this logically. Which group of people is more intolerant? Which group of people is more hateful? Which group of people is more bent on discrimination? Which group is more violent and vindictive? Who is causing the most problems? Same-sex couples still enjoy a legal union, recognized by the state of CA, with all the "rights" that entails. Joint income tax filing, adoptions, medical insurance coverage, etc. Prop. 8 did not take that away. Prop. 8 did not encourage any kind of violence toward the GLBT community. No one is trying to put them in prison for being attracted to members of their own sex. So what are they having such a temper tantrum about?
As an activist American who pays plenty of taxes and stimulates the economy every day, I take issue with the general acceptance of the threats and violence that is perpetrated by the NO on 8 people. It is just wrong for one group of Americans to have their livelihoods threatened and their privacy invaded because they exercised their constitutional right to support an initiative up for vote.
Wrong, immoral, illegal, and yet so accepted in today's society. Who is really ignorant, here? Unfortunately, mainstream media does not clearly point out what is really going on. Well, I'll take that one on, along with my fellow DNA bloggers. Read on, and educate yourselves!

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Anonymous said...

It is outrageous that people are being harassed for voting to support marriage between one man and one woman. Many who reject this view have shown their intolerance to other peoples opinions.