Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Support Prop. 8 Supporters

We have all heard stories about donors to the Yes on 8 Campaign who have been targeted by the LGBT community. Several people have been forced out of jobs, and businesses are suffering. This is unacceptable! We outnumber the opposition, and amazing things happen when we all stand together for a cause. This website provides a list of all contributors of $5,000+ to the Yes on 8 Campaign (the so-called "dishonor Roll"). As well, they have a blog in which they organize and promote retaliatory boycotts, protests, and general harassment of Yes donors. (as an aside, I've read that blog, and the information they use to get their followers frothing at the mouth and ready to attack is grossly inaccurate. Lots of lying going on at californiansagainsthate.com!) The best (and only) way to respond to this group is to support our supporters. Check out that list, find people in your area who donated, and patronize their businesses (and tell your friends)! This is a free country and every citizen has every right to support whatever political cause they believe is just. NO ONE should have to lose their job or have a business fail because they donated money to a cause they believe in! Prop. 8 would never have passed without these donors. I, for one, feel indebted to them! I look forward to crossing the protest line and supporting Prop. 8 businesses.


Liberty Belle said...

Wow, 5,000 donors is a lot of donors. How did they pull Marjorie Christoffersen's little 100 dollar donation out of that whole long list?

Pearl said...

The anti-boycott can be more powerful than the boycott. I sincerely hope that will be the case in this instance. Thank you for the list! They have my business and thanks.