Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NJ rules against religious freedom

Here we go! Many of us saw this coming - and it doesn't bode well for ANY church! A Methodist church in New Jersey refused to rent out a church-owned beach front pavilion to a same-sex couple for their wedding, based, of course, on the fact that their beliefs do not support same sex marriage. Of course, again, they were sued. And lost, in the first round, but it isn't over. Read the article here.
This is classic right of religious freedom against - what? Civil rights??? For a group of people whose claim of "I was born this way - I have no choice" has NEVER been conclusively scientifically proven? (see this blog) What exactly is it that justifies their claim to special rights? We can't just sit back and watch one of our country's most basic freedoms, freedom of religion, be washed away in the tide of baseless claims of intolerance and violation of gay rights.
My hope is that as this matter works its way up the legal ladder, truth and logic will prevail.


Anonymous said...

The New Jersey Law “Against Discrimination” is an example of bad laws bringing about bad consequences for society. There are times when we need to discriminate between good and evil. Refusing to rent your property to a couple who want to use it for a civil union ceremony is not unfair discrimination. The fact that they want to enter into a civil union indicates that they also wish to take part in homosexual acts. Homosexual acts are disordered and immoral according to Christian teaching. If this church group had supported this civil union by renting the property, they would also have been endorsing homosexual acts and gone against their own churches teaching. They could have been accused of hypocrisy and charged with aiding immorality and disorder in the community.

Liberty Belle said...

It's surprising to me that the law, of all arenas, is where we're losing our freedoms the fastest.