Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obama infuriates the gay community

In a surprise move that infuriated the gay community, President-elect Barack Obama chose Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration (read article here). Rick Warren is the Pastor of Saddleback Christian Church in Southern CA, and was openly supportive of Prop. 8. Interesting, that Obama chose a pro-Prop. 8 evangelical to participate in his inauguration...I support the choice, yet I am watching to see how this plays into the whole political game. I hope that Obama and Warren don't cave!


Liberty Belle said...

Everyone has to be outraged! or infuriated! It was a surprising pick, but I think it's just the magician waving his gloved hand to distract you while the other gets ready to take down the don't-ask-don't-tell military policy.

Laura said...

Yup, I am inclined to agree. Nothing is as it seems with this new administration.

Heather said...

Obama finally did something I agree with! And I'm sorry, but what right does the gay community have to be upset over who he picks? Seriously... I'm sure Obama thought to himself "how can I tick off the gay community? I'm going to pick the most vocal supporter of prop 8 to say a prayer." PUH-LEEZ.

And why does he have to appoint an openly gay person to his staff? He needs to pick the most qualified person, no matter race, gender, or sexual preferance. This reeks of affirmative action all over again.