Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party (protest the increased taxes - you know you hate them!)

Here's a link to find out about Tea Party protests in your area. Today is the day!
At least you can feel like you made a statement. Protesting is amazingly empowering!


PersonalFailure said...

What increased taxes? And when? The proposed increase on people making more than 250k wouldn't even take effect until 2011. Most of us, and I'm guessing you, have experienced a tax decrease.

Euripides said...

You're not thinking of the bigger tax picture PF - the new 62 cent cigarette tax, for example. It doesn't affect me, it may not affect you, but it does affect millions of the nation's poor. The federal increase on capital gains effects anyone with a 401 or any investment income.

The TEA Parties are also protests against the outrageous government spending that the president and Congress have declared necessary for the economy. The truth is, no one knows what is economically necessary, so the spending bills looked like just so much pork to conservatives.

There is some thought to this TEA party, PF. Aren't your taxes to high as well? Won't you suffer the consequences of the Congressional spending spree along with the rest of the country?

Laura said...

Au contraire, PF. We ended up owing over $10,000 this year, most of it state. That's CA for you! You bet I am protesting it!

Laura said...
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Laura said...

I have chosen to delete two comments - one from a man who is clearly a virulent anti-Mormon, and my response to him. I don't delete lightly - I welcome healthy debate and if you look at previous posts, you will see that. But, I won't advertise this guy's website. Some garbage just isn't worth my time.