Friday, April 3, 2009

Iowa legalizes Same Sex Marriage

In a move reminiscent of the CA battle over Propositions 22 and 8, the Iowa state Supreme Court voted unanimously to legalize same sex marriage. This move has disappointed and dismayed Iowan conservatives. read article here
Gay rights advocates are overjoyed (naturally) and were quoted as saying, "This shows that the heartland of America is for same sex marriage" and "as goes Iowa, so goes the nation". I contend with these statements. The citizens of Iowa did not legalize same sex marriage. The state supreme court justices did. They do not represent the entire "heartland of America"! And while the second claim may have coincidentally been accurate in U.S. Presidential races, it clearly does not hold true in this case (In fact, same sex marriage supporters said the exact same thing when the CA Supreme Court briefly legalized it! Broken record). I encourage Iowans to put this to the vote, as Californians did.
I assert now, as I did while campaigning for Prop. 8, that the state Supreme Court justices just simply don't have the right to change laws that will govern an entire state full of citizens, without the express (voted) permission of said citizens. America is a democracy, not an oligarchy (in spite of Obama's efforts). Put it to the vote, Iowa!
In addition, I still argue that the legalization of same sex marriage is, in itself, a Pandora's box. There are consequences that are offensive and repugnant to most Americans. Now is NOT the time to give in to one small (albeit loud) section of society. The legalization of same sex marriage is NOT for the greater good. In fact, it will harm families everywhere.

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