Monday, October 12, 2009

Harvey Milk Day passed, thank you Arnold...

In spite of all the phone calls, emails, and letters to the governator's office, Arnold disappoints once again and passed both bills related to the LGBT agenda. Now, CA recognizes gay marriages performed in other states. And Harvey Milk Day will be celebrated in public schools (May 22). It'll be a cold day in hell before I let my kids be force-fed LGBT propaganda at school. This is nothing short of recruitment to the homosexual lifestyle. I still claim the right to choose what and where my children will be taught, and I can tell you that I will be keeping my kids home on Harvey Milk Day. We won't have any part of celebrating such a scumbag of a man (and I am not calling him that just because he was gay. He was a well-known child molester as well, with gay lovers as young as 16 years old!)
Harvey Milk Day = Vacation Day! Maybe the schools will decide to skip that "special" day when they lose money for absent children. Please join me in boycotting school on May 22!

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Helen said...

Laura, do you know if this effects preschoolers at age 3?