Thursday, August 13, 2009

An interesting argument

With all of the unrest in our country today, there is a call amongst conservatives to return to the original constitution. To the same ideals that prompted the Founding Fathers to invent a new form of government and firmly place independence and democracy as a government firmly in place. Of course, I have been pushing for this myself. I am dismayed by the increasing government control over all of us. This latest of Obama's socialistic efforts is the proposed national healthcare system. Socialized medicine! The very thought of this passing gives me chills!

However, the other side has responded to this call to re-focus on the way of life under the Founding Fathers. They say that under George Washington, there was slavery, the right to vote was only extended to white landowners, and women's rights were non-existent. This is all true. (which is why I say it is an interesting argument) They say that the progress made by this country in abolishing slavery, extending the right to vote to all adult citizens, and increasing the rights of women (kind of a farce, which I will have to address in another blog altogether) should and WILL apply to the LGBT community. That we will soon extend equal rights to them and our progeny will someday celebrate the pioneers (gay activists) who pushed this freedom through. And that they will wonder what on earth took so long! I question this argument because I don't think homosexuals fall into the same category as those who cannot choose the color of their skin or their sex. Although there have been many scientific studies and years of research to prove that there is a homosexual gene, this has NEVER BEEN PROVEN. Therefore, same-sex attraction is a choice, and as such, doesn't really qualify for special rights.

Beyond the argument for equal rights for the LGBT community, the current trend toward more government control of businesses, healthcare, national security, the right to bear arms, banking, the economy, etc. is frightening at best. Liberals never consider the long-term consequences of this government control. Anyone who has taken a basic high school level Econ class knows that when you take away free enterprise, the quality of product decreases. There is no motivation to make the product better, because there is not competition. If Liberals paid attention to those nations who employ this socialism, they would see what is in store for us. This is why we conservatives are pushing for a return to the government of 1776. The citizens of early America were all for independence and self-sufficiency, not dependence on a huge and out of control central government.

There are many ways that our society has progressed and improved. No one argues with that, no one wants to take those improvements away. Let us take the good of modern government, and add it to a return to the spirit of the Constitutional Congress, our Founding Fathers, who REALLY knew what they were doing. This nation can be great. But it won't be if Obama gets his way.

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Yours, Sincerely said...

Unfortunately, many of our career politicians have never earned a dime outside of govt. work, or are steeped in idealistic academia. I say "yes" to term limits, and perhaps requiring them to have worked a real job before they presume to lead the masses to Nirvana.