Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Headline: Obama Seeks Expanded Power...

Every time I read another article about President Obama seeking to expand the reach of the government, I am alarmed and slightly angered. The answer is NOT to expand the responsibility and therefore the power of government! The more power that we give our central government, the less power we the people have ourselves. The more laws that are enacted to control people's choices, the less freedom we have! We cannot be a free country, and a country controlled by our government too! The USA is founded on principles of free personal choice - freedom of religion, freedom of all men and women to get an education and use it in any profession they choose, freedom of speech, freedom to elect officials, freedom to vote on local initiatives, etc. But over the years, more and more of these freedoms have been regulated down to such a narrow range of choices that we are increasingly having no real choices at all. I was disgusted, along with most of America, when AIG bonused executives with millions of tax-payer's dollars. But I was very uncomfortable when congress passed the law taxing those executives 90% on those bonuses. Did they not think about the precedent they were starting with that little retalitory law? In my mind, I saw the future, and in it, they were using that law to collect millions of dollars from any business, large or small, that had recieved ANY kind of government relief of ANY form (tax refunds, tax deductions, insurance benefits from insurance companies now controlled by the government...you see the direction I am going). This isn't even socialism. It is an oligarchy. And it is swiftly getting out of control.

I call Americans to remember the intentions of our Founding Fathers! This country was meant to be a refuge from unfair taxation (lost that a long time ago) and harassment from a monarch. There have been years of unprecedented freedoms, allowing individuals to control their own futures - to make something of themselves regardless of their birth or station in life. Immigrants of all nationalities have poured into our borders, searching for those amazing opportunities that our freedoms provide. But Americans have become lazy and irresponsible. And now, out of a misguided desire for more and more (for less effort and decreased cost) most Americans are ready and willing to vote for the first smooth-talker who promises them things he/she cannot possibly follow through with. We are throwing our freedoms away. It is going to come back to bite us in the future.

So when you hear/read the words: "Obama seeks expanded power" - call a legislator right away! Email, write, text message, whatever! Let the elected powers that be know that we the people want our freedom back!


Ben and Shelly said...

Amen! You should check out the link with Romney on the Larry King show I sent you on Facebook. He talks about how we are just doing things that sound great on the surface, but we don't think about all the legal and other consequences that follow. I totally agree with him right now.

Teri said...

Check out the video On Life and and Lybberty. Its a spoof on Obama as the Messiah.