Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Independence Day, America!

233 years ago, American colonists declared independence from the tyranny of an unjust and power-hungry British king. (Thank goodness we made up with England, because I have always loved their history and humor!) The founders of our nation were inspired and visionary in their designing of the governing body of the newly united (but sometimes quarrelsome) collection of colonies. I wonder what those founders would think of America today. I think they would be amazed at the United States' size and worldwide influence. I think they would be pleased that their government (or some form of it) is still in effect. They might be a bit dismayed with the diminishing state's rights and the increasingly powerful central government. I guarantee that they would be shocked at the complete dismissal of God and religion in all aspects of political life. Freedom of Religion was one of the rights they fought for. They would definitely be disgusted with the unfair taxation forced on Americans - that was their biggest issue with England and the main cause of the desire to be independent. America has long been the country where men (and women) are not shackled by a class system, where aristocracy has no influence on man's freedom to make of himself whatever he desires. Immigrants have flocked to our shores in search of this freedom. It's the American Dream!

But today's government doesn't believe in the American Dream. Lawmakers who are supposed to represent the people are lying to get in office and then betraying the very people who voted for them. They spend like there's no tomorrow, on bloated government-controlled programs, the consequences of which will create a people who expect something for nothing and depend on someone else to support them. In short, modern American politics will destroy the independence that was fought for with heartbreaking sacrifice.

Be aware, fellow Americans. Claim our national right and BE INDEPENDENT!